Working at Summer Camp

Seven of The Best Summer Camps To Work At In 2024

Summer camp staff includes lifeguards, counselors and activity specialists

What Positions Do Summer Camps Hire For?

Making a Difference – The Impact of Being a Summer Camp Nurse

The Best Summer Camps in New York to work at in 2024

The Best New York Summer Camps to Work at in 2024

Adventure and Fulfillment – The Thrill of Being a Summer Camp Nurse

Summer Camps are Hiring for Camp Counselor Positions: Start Your Adventure Today!

Closing Thoughts: Your Camp Journey’s Impact and Legacy

Maximizing Your Summer Camp Experience: Growth, Connections, and Memories

Thriving as a Camp Counselor: Your Role, Challenges, and Success Strategies

Amplify Arts Project Now Hiring: Year-Round, Part-Time Administrative Associate + Registrar

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