Working at Summer Camp

Summer camp staff includes lifeguards, counselors and activity specialists

What Positions Do Summer Camps Hire For?

Making a Difference – The Impact of Being a Summer Camp Nurse

The Best Summer Camps in New York to work at in 2024

The Best New York Summer Camps to Work at in 2024

Adventure and Fulfillment – The Thrill of Being a Summer Camp Nurse

Summer Camps are Hiring for Camp Counselor Positions: Start Your Adventure Today!

Closing Thoughts: Your Camp Journey’s Impact and Legacy

Maximizing Your Summer Camp Experience: Growth, Connections, and Memories

Thriving as a Camp Counselor: Your Role, Challenges, and Success Strategies

Amplify Arts Project Now Hiring: Year-Round, Part-Time Administrative Associate + Registrar

Touching Down in the USA: Your Arrival Guide for Camp Counselors

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