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How To Get Hired At Summer Camp

There’s no denying that great staff can turn a camp from mediocre to outstanding, which is why camps are making a concerted effort to hire extraordinary staff members every summer. Working at a summer camp entails being accountable for the physical and mental well-being of children, which is a job that no parent or camp professional takes …Read More »

The Camp Counselor Life

Original article by Molly Green.Posted on October 19, 2022 in The Johns Hopkins News-Letter Photo courtesy of Molly Green for The Johns Hopkins News-Letter.Green recounts her experiences as a summer camp counselor and the joy of mentoring young campers. June 6 was the day my summer truly began. At 6:30 I woke up, put on …Read More »

Homesickness at Camp

Missing home and family is completely natural for children. In fact, it can be considered a *good* thing, as it means your kids have a great family back at home! The good thing is, it’s possible to miss home AND have fun at camp in the same time. Plus there are plenty of things to …Read More »

Harvard University — Lessons from Camp

Summer camp: For so many kids, it signifies carefree days of swimming, playing sports, singing songs, and reveling in freedom from the demands of the school year. Camp means no homework, no studying, and no teachers. But significant learning is still taking place at summer camp — even if the campers don’t necessarily realize it. …Read More »

Being a summer camp counselor - what it means

Being a Summer Camp Counselor

Summer employment at a sleepaway camp is enjoyable, engaging, and rewarding. You have the option to share a bunk with other campers on our lovely campus in the Pennsylvania Endless Mountains. Throughout our six activity periods, you will work with campers. However, you will spend a lot more time with the kids than that. You’ll …Read More »

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