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Pre-College Enrichment Courses

Choose the classes that interest you

As a high school student, you may not have much say in the classes you take during the year. The summer is your chance to explore what really interests you.

Emerson College offers over 30 different classes in a wide range of subjects. Most students take 2 classes, or 1 institute, per session. If you stay for 4 weeks, you can take up to 4 different classes or 2 different institutes. Enrichment, Business or Language Institute, or College Prep, the choice is yours.

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Most popular classes at Emerson:

Non-credit enrichment classes at Emerson

Summer Discovery partners with Emerson College to offer enrichment classes. These classes are taught by Emerson faculty, graduate teaching instructors, and top secondary school teachers and meet for 2 hours, 4 times a week. Class sizes average between 8-20 students.

Enrichment classes are a great way for you to learn something interesting and develop new skills. Most classes have homework, papers, and/or tests. You will receive a Summer Discovery “Certificate of Completion” at the end of the program.

Internships in Boston

Customized internship placement

As a high school student, it’s difficult to find an internship that will provide real-world work experience. Our internship programs put hundreds of exclusive internships within your reach. We’ve helped thousands of students take their first step into the professional world.

An internship helps you get a jump start on college and creates a stepping stone for future ambitions. If you are accepted into Discovery Internships, we will place you in an internship in one of your top industries, guaranteed.

Our internship placement process ensures that you will get the best internship for you. Your personal Internship Coordinator (IC) will guide you through the process. They will get to know you and help you determine the best internship opportunities for your interests, skills, and goals.

IC’s are experts in their fields.  Your IC will match you with an internship from our extensive network of internship providers and offer on-site support for all aspects of your internship experience throughout the summer.

What will I be doing at my internship?

At Discovery Internships Boston, we primarily partner with small to mid-sized businesses to ensure that you are doing meaningful work, not just getting coffee. For additional support, you will have a supervisor at your company to guide you every step of the way.

While internships are customized for your skills and interests, your internship will include 3 parts:

1. Job shadow component Shadow your supervisor to learn about day-to-day tasks within your company.  Sit in on office meetings, go on site visits, or meet with clients.

2. Project component Design and carry out an individual project with the support of your supervisor. Past students have completed customer research, designed social media campaigns, and created client presentations. Projects vary based on your internship.

3. Task component As part of your internship, you will be responsible for every-day administrative tasks such as phone calls, filing, and database management.

Internships in Boston are Monday – Friday for 4 weeks. The average workday is 9am – 5pm, plus commuting time.

Getting to and from your internship

Travel to and from your internship each day by public transportation. Receive a pass for the Boston transit “T” system as part of the program. Do a practice run of the route to your internship during orientation to make sure you are comfortable traveling to and from work.