Marine Military Academy Overview

Harlingen, Texas

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Marine Military Academy Overview

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At a Glance

Location: Harlingen, Texas
Fly Into: Harlingen Valley International Airport (HRL)
Gender: Boys Only
Length: 1 Four week program (June 30 - July 28, 2018)
Ages: 11 through 18

Camp Highlights

  • Four Weeks of Constant Activity
  • Discipline, Courage, Leadership
  • Opportunity of a Lifetime
  • Over 30 Activities!


At Marine Military Academy, we work hard ... and play hard!

Make the most of your summer and enroll in our four-week summer camp! At MMA Summer Camp, you’ll be in constant motion. Every day, you’ll participate in challenging but exciting outdoor activities that build discipline, teamwork and confidence. As you have fun, you will also learn how to focus, problem solve and overcome your fears. No other camp will strengthen your body AND mind like MMA Summer Camp!

Every camper is expected to adhere to and benefit from the Marine Corps values that govern the Marine Military Academy — courage, honor, commitment. While a great deal of summer camp is about fun, it is equally focused on discipline and leadership. Each camper will learn the importance of teamwork and positive reinforcement, while gaining valuable leadership skills that will give them a competitive edge in their future.

Campers come to MMA Summer Camp from all over the world, creating a truly international band of brothers. Campers learn about different cultures, while engaging in activities most other boys will never experience in their lifetime.

At MMA Summer Camp ... Space is limited. YOU are not!

How We Accommodate International Campers

The English As a Second Language (ESL) camp at Marine Military Academy is a four-week language immersion program for boys who wish to learn English. The ESL camp is held the same time as MMA Summer Camp.

ESL campers spend 30 hours a week in the classroom learning English. All ESL campers complete a minimum of three classroom projects that require them to follow English-only instructions. When they are not in class, ESL campers practice their new English skills during their afternoon and weekend activities.ESL campers not only learn English quickly, they make friends from all over the world.

At MMA, ESL campers learn much more than English. The military activities are designed to teach the campers teamwork and problem solving as well as build self-esteem and confidence. The military environment also teaches them discipline, manners and respect for others. Since ESL campers come from all over the world, they also learn about other culture and languages.

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