Island Lake Camp

Starrucca, PA
*fly into Newark International (EWR)

Co-ed • Ages 8-15
3, 4 & 7 weeks

Contact Island Lake Camp: 914-769-6060

About Island Lake Camp

Welcome to the Island Lake experience where you, the camper, are given the opportunity to explore more than 75 exciting activities. Our philosophy of individualized programming allows you to pursue your own interests within a structured program. It’s all about choice so you can find and do what you love. You will also meet campers, outside of your bunk, who have similar interests and this only expands your camp connections and friendships.

A summer at Island Lake is both fun and unique. Under the supervision of our highly-qualified and supportive staff, you will experience the excitement of challenge and the satisfaction of success. Your interests will be explored and at the same time you will be encouraged to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. You will gain the confidence that comes with the mastery of skills all while having fun with friends. Living among peers, you have a bunk experience and naturally learn independence but in the safety of our supportive camp environment. In addition to choosing your activities, we offer everything you are looking for in a camp experience from evening activities, special events, traditions and trip days.

At Island Lake we encourage you to develop your own interests while being a part of our camp family. Come join us for a fabulous summer as you explore all the fun and excitement waiting for you at ISLAND LAKE CAMP.

Camp Highlights

  • Warm and nurturing staff
  • Unique activities with many selections
  • All elective program with structure (choose your own activity schedule)
  • Modern and beautiful facilities
  • Gorgeous location

Work At This Camp

Our staff members play the most important role in camp by creating a memorable summer for the campers and themselves. During your stay at Island Lake you will establish very special relationships with your campers and your co-workers. You will meet people that become your closest friends. Your campers will stay in touch with you throughout the years. You will become a very important person in the life of a child and you will experience a satisfaction that can't be duplicated elsewhere.

We feel that happy counselors make happy campers. We treat our staff members the way we would want to be treated ourselves. We are not there to look over your shoulder and criticize you and the job you are doing. We are there to help you do your job to the best of your ability and we create an atmosphere that facilitates this. We empower you to do your best and become a better person from your summer experience.

International Campers

International campers have been a part of our community since 1986 when Island Lake was founded. All of our international campers are sent an Island Lake t-shirt to wear on the plane to Newark Airport. After clearing Customs and Immigration they are met by our staff and taken to camp. We have a very diverse staff who speak many languages for those who might have trouble communicating in English. We allow our international campers to email their parents periodically since letters would not arrive quickly. We have experience with campers from England, France, Spain, Poland, Russia, Israel, Thailand, China, and Germany. Our international campers are a part of the fabric of what makes Island Lake so special!