Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge

Equinunk, Pennsylvania
*fly into New York

Boys Camp & Girls Camp • Ages 7-17
7 week full summer

Contact Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge: 570-224-4121

About Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge

Welcome to Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge. Since 1920, our traditional summer camps have been at the forefront of resident camping and have become a summer home to generations of campers, staff, and alumni. We are passionate about the camp experience and value the history and traditions that continue to shape us.

The years spent growing up at Equinunk and Blue Ridge will have a profound impacton who your daughter or son becomes as a person through the strengthening of their character and creation of deeply connected friendships. We strive for campers to become more empathetic of others and more compassionate for themselves. We believe that by helping children become more self-aware, they will lead lives driven by integrity, kindness and possibility, which in turn, will foster meaningful relationships, greater resilience and a strong sense of self and purpose.

The uniqueness of CECBR is our people. Our community attracts wholesome families whose beliefs in how they are raising their children reflect the values that are honored at Equinunk and Blue Ridge and guide our culture.

Your children become part of a community whereby the positive influence that campers and staff have on one another allows each individual and our community to grow together.

Camp Highlights

  • 100+ years of summer camping excellence
  • Brother-Sister Campuses
  • Professional, homegrown leadership staff
  • Rich in traditions and special events
  • 3 hours from New York City