Camp Weequahic

Lakewood, Pennsylvania
*fly into Newark

Boys Camp & Girls Camp • Ages 7-17
3 & 6 week sessions

Contact Camp Weequahic: 570-798-2716

About Camp Weequahic

Camp Weequahic was founded in 1953 by Art and Mollie Lustig. A member of the Weequahic High School staff in Newark, NJ, Mr. Lustig searched for the perfect place to start a summer camp. Our wonderful property by Sly Lake certainly fit the bill.

From 1953 until the 2008 season, members of the Lustig family directed Weequahic. Known for its caring atmosphere, excellent facilities, creative activities and wonderful lake, Weequahic became a popular camp in the northeast.

Cole and Kate Kelly took the torch so ably held by Lustig family in 2009. Having run private camps in the northeast for many years, they wanted to find a place with deep traditions where they could bring their years of experience and their family.

Camp Highlights

  • Deep traditions since 1953
  • Choice of one 3-week session or 6-week full summer
  • Emphasis on values: Gratitude, Attitude and Courage
  • Choice-based activities within a structured day
  • 2.5 hours from New York City

International Campers

Since 1953, Camp Weequahic has been a home away from home for hundreds International campers. We work with each family to assist them in everything from filling out camp forms to making special transportation arrangements specific to the needs of the International camper. Additionally, due to the distance and time differences, we make special arrangements for camper to parent telephone calls. At Weequahic, we do whatever it takes to make a successful and smooth transition for ALL of our campers!