Camp Tanuga

Kalkaska, Michigan
*fly into Traverse City

Co-ed • Ages 6-16
10, 30 or 45 night sessions

Contact Camp Tanuga: 248-258-9150

About Camp Tanuga

Camp Tanuga is deeply devoted to the philosophy of a traditional camping experience. Our purpose emphasizes values such as respect for nature and the environment, as well as the growth of children and embracing individuals for who they are. Our goal for each camper is to increase self-confidence, foster a sense of belonging, and create a family community.

The sense of accomplishment and confidence that campers gain each summer carries over into their classrooms, future relationships, and during tough transitions into adulthood.

Campers achieve these qualities through the Tanuga experience and with the help of our committed team. Tanuga encourages both campers and staff to get to know one another and embrace one another for who they are. Strong friendships and mutual respect develop, and personal goals are achieved. That is when the "Tanuga Magic" truly happens. We're told it lasts a lifetime!

The Tanuga Spirit can be found anywhere! Singing and cheering in the mess hall, meeting for daily flag raising and lowering, and older campers passing along traditions to our younger campers. Every summer, we highlight the importance of the Tanuga Spirit from the very beginning of staff training. Tanuga is about recognizing personal accomplishments over the summer. This occurs in the cabin, at activity areas, and around our traditional campfires.

Camp Highlights

  • Over 70 years of summer camping excellence
  • Multiple session options, or full summer experience
  • Located in Northern Michigan of the Great Lakes Region
  • Rich in summer camp traditions and special events
  • Supportive, professional staff and state-of-the-art facilities

International Campers

Hundreds of international campers have called Camp Tanuga their home away from home. We work with each family to assist them with everything from completing out camp applications to arranging special transportation for International campers. Due to geographical and time constraints, we also make special arrangements for camper-to-parent phone discussions. Tanuga goes above and beyond to guarantee that ALL of our campers have a smooth and enjoyable transition!