Camp Lohikan

Lake Como, Pennsylvania
*fly into New York (JFK) or Newark (EWR)

Co-ed • Ages 6-15
2, 4, 6, 8 Week

About Camp Lohikan

Camp Lohikan has been providing memorable summer camp experiences since 1957. Mark Buynak, our director, has been attending Lohikan since it's beginning and has been directing the camp for more than 30 years. Camp Lohikan's management staff has over 200 years of combined camp experience. All of them are camp professionals dedicated to delivering the best that camp has to offer. And Camp Lohikan has a lot to offer!
Activities include every imaginable arts, sports, and adventure activity. There are more than 65 activities offered on a daily basis... everything from paintball to jet skiing, and pottery to rock band. Beginner through advanced instruction is provided in every activity by professionals and assisted by college-enrolled activity specialists...

What's really great about the program is that campers entering the fifth grade and older get to choose their activities. You get to schedule your favorite activities every day!

It’s no secret that when kids choose their activities, enthusiasm peaks and participation soars! Not only do skill levels improve in this environment, the opportunity to expand your circle of friends does too. Naturally, your closest friends at camp will be your bunkmates, who share the majority of the day with you. However, during the program day, you’ll be making more friends - friends who share your activity interests! It’s a great socializing experience as well as a skill development..

Camp Highlights

  • Same family ownership and operation since 1957
  • Top notch experienced staff
  • Amazing facilities! 1200 acres, private lake
  • FREE Clinics: Spy Camp, Survival Camp

International Campers

Many international campers enroll at Lohikan with the goal of improving their English speaking skills. Having a basic understanding of English is helpful, but you do not have to speak it perfectly to have a successful experience. Being immersed in our English-speaking environment helps our international campers master their English skills quickly. Our American campers and staff are eager to help if a fellow camper is having a problem understanding. Lohikan offers international campers 3 FREE, one-hour English tutoring classes their first week in camp. Additional private tutoring lessons are also available.

International campers fly into one of the airports located in New York (LaGuardia or JFK) or New Jersey (Newark Airport). A member of our staff will be there to pick up your child. For departure, a member of our staff will escort your child/children to the airport. Additionally, we have numerous families who accompany their children to the US, and bring them to one of our bus locations in the New Jersey or New York area.

Each International camper will call home on their day of arrival to assure parents of their safe travel. During their stay at camp, all campers have daily access to email. Campers can email home every day. Campers can also receive emails. We print the emails and deliver the mail to the camper on a daily basis. Parents can also make arrangements to telephone their camper during their stay at camp.

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