Camp Danbee

Hinsdale, Massachusetts
*fly into Boston or NYC Area

Girls • Ages 7-15
3-Week, 4-Week and Full-Summer Sessions

Contact Camp Danbee: 413-655-8115

About Camp Danbee

It is a Girl’s World at Danbee. We strive to prepare girls to “take on the world” through passion and perseverance. Danbee empowers campers to set and achieve goals. Everything we do at camp is designed to motivate and encourage each girl to be her best self. Danbee programming allows girls to build life-skills that they will utilize the rest of their lives. Strong, resilient women are what Danbee works to nurture.

At Danbee, the goal is to provide girls with a summer experience filled with moments of self-discovery and spirited activity. Instilled with the tradition of warmth, caring and companionship, Danbee is a place where summer relationships are born and lifelong friendships develop. Challenges are faced head on and girls are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and achieve their goals through perseverance and team work.

Danbee’s state-of-the-art facilities set on the spectacular Lake Ashmere in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts provide a backdrop for quality instruction and personal attention, ensured by Danbee’s low (1:3) counselor/camper ratio. Our emphasis on skill development and participation over competition gives girls a chance to succeed, to build self-confidence, and to grow at their own pace.

Camp Highlights

  • Located in the Berkshire Mountains of Western MA
  • A mile of Danbee-owned lakefront on pristine Lake Ashmere
  • Low (1:3) counselor/camper ratio
  • A commitment to a better world through volunteering and community service projects
  • Multiple session and full-summer options

Work At This Camp

The first word that should come to mind when you think of Danbee is “Spirit”. We are full of energy, dance at every meal and have a whole lot of fun! Danbee is a very active place. We have just about every type of sport and specialty activity. Gymnastics, dance, theater, art and pottery are just a few of our activities off the fields and courts. Regardless of a camper’s level at sports or their experience in the arts, Danbee meets their needs. We love special event days, evening activities and trips to local areas around us. Everything we do is BIG – days are full of enthusiasm, cheering, spirit, and fun!!

Not only will you have fun at Danbee during the summer, but you will experience personal growth. You will take all that you learn working at Danbee home with you and will use the skills you gain as a counselor throughout your life. Once you are “bitten by the Danbee bug you never want to leave”.

International Campers

Many campers from other countries have found a home away from home at Camp Danbee. In order to accomplish this, we communicate with each family to help them with everything from filling out camp applications to arranging special transportation tailored to the needs of the camper. Additionally, we make specific arrangements for camper-to-parent phone calls due to the distance and time zones. At Danbee, we go above and beyond to ensure that all of our campers have a successful and easy transition.